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How It Works

The Bodymekanics is the solution to finding quality fitness experts in your area


For Users

Each user will have the ability to create a personal profile by downloading the Bodymekanics mobile app and completing the short set of questions.

The BodyMekanics app will be free to each user. Each user will have unlimited access to the very best fitness expert in their geographic region and around the world. They will be presented with valuable information that enables the user to select their fitness expert of choice no matter where they reside.

Benefits to the users

  • Each user selects the fitness expert of their choice.
  • No pressure or calls from fitness experts to sign up. The choice is completely yours.
  • The application is free!
  • 24/7 access.
  • Users can share profiles of their favorite fitness experts with the general public via the app.

For Fitness Experts

Each fitness expert in the bodymekanics app will be hand selected and vetted via an application process that verifies credentials, records and certifications before their profile is created and added to the app. The selection process takes no more than 48hrs. Once a profile has been approved it becomes available to the user community and can be seen by all users that have access to the bodymekanics mobile application.

The profile of the trainer will contain information such as location, contact information, service delivery i.e. online or in-person or combination amongst other valuable pieces of information to help the user select the trainer who best suits his/her needs. The subscription fee for each trainer is $4.99/month.

Benefits to the Fitness Experts

  • 24/7 advertising of your services
  • Low cost of advertising
  • The BodyMekanics does not interfere with each trainers pricing scheme, training styles or format of delivery. You made it into the network because you have been vetted and we trust your ability to deliver quality training to our user base.
  • Instant communication channel to your client

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