Panny Powell

Panny Powell

Panny Powell
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Panny Powell
Nutrition Style:
Flexible Dieting, Non-Flexible Dieting (Clean Eating)
Training Style:
Weight Training and Cardio Vascular
Weight Training, Circuit Training, Fat Loss, Nutrition, Bikini Contest Prep, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
Certifications & Accomplishments:
• NASM Certified Personal Trainer
• NASM Nutrition Specialist
• NPC Bikini Competitor
• Founder of Bikini Competition Team PF DOLLS
Weight Loss, Strength Training, Competition Prep
Service Preference:
Online, Home Visit, Commercial Gym (Client), Commercial Gym (Trainer)
8 years
"I met Panny 2years ago at posing seminar she hosted. Choosing Panny to be my coach for my second show was the best decision. She always replied promptly to my text if I ever had any questions. As a competitor we have days we struggle with our physique. Whenever I had my days that I felt like I was not making progress she would send me comparison pictures of myself to show me I was. Panny is a dedicated coach she helped me push hard and she never let me give up. The day of my show she was back stage with me and never left my side. Best part of having her has my coach is that I made a GREAT friend through this process. "
- Misha :)

"To say that Panny changed my life is an understatement. Before I met her I was struggling to lose weight that I gained after having neck surgery. I did not want to continue with bodybuilding workouts and was struggling to focus on what I wanted. With my wedding approaching I knew that I needed to make a change and not only did I transform physically, but mentally as well. Panny taught me how to fight for what I want and to remember to take care of myself. She reminded me that I will only be successful if I want to be. She helped me find my voice again and to be more confident. She has been such an inspiration to me throughout the past year that I have had the privilege of working with her. I started out at a less than desirable weight and shape. While training with Panny, I have successfully lost over 20 pounds and shed over 5% body fat! My energy has increased and I’ve become stronger, more toned and far happier than I ever have been. Even when training was at its hardest, she never let me give up and always helped motivate me to keep moving forward. Panny has made me feel like I am not only a client but also a dear friend and I am eternally grateful for what she has taught me. I look forward to the future and the results to come with her help."

"At first I was a little reluctant to hire a coach because I thought I knew what I was doing. Panny displayed a very deep understanding in not only training, but also nutrition and posing. Throughout the prep, she was always there to push me, give me inspiring words, and she honestly believed in me more than I believed in myself. Her excellent coaching resulted in me taking 1st place in my class in my very first competition. Most of all, Panny treated me as a friend and not just a client, and I can’t thank her enough for that."
- Erika Chen
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