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Can I utilize the service without a smart phone?

Yes. The bodymekanics app will be available via mobile and desktop. All you need is internet service to access the site

As a user is the cost of the app a monthly re-occurring fee?

The BodyMekanics app is a free app.

As a trainer is the cost of the app a monthly re-occurring fee?

Yes. The re-occurring charge is only $4.99/month. You will have options to subscribe for the entire year at a discounted price of $50.

As a trainer can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel the service by providing a 30 day notice. If you paid for the entire year your refund will be processed and returned to you. You will be refunded the balance at $4.99/month. If you cancel a yearly subscription you lose the yearly discount

Can I utilize the service outside the US?

As bodymekanics grows and adds fitness experts around the world, users will be able to access fitness experts in their geographic region. However, some fitness experts provide online coaching and as a result users can access their services outside the country.

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